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Why Paws and Prints? We are absolutely devoted to our canine clients! This dedication is coupled with extensive knowledge and experience in puppy and dog training and canine behavioural consultations. We also offer fun forest walks and daycare to our regular clients.
We are proud to have an excellent reputation in offering a professional, qualified, reliable and caring service in the Burley and Lyndhust areas.

About Us

A professional, qualified, insured dog training and walking service.

Jules Brittan is an Animal Management graduate (FdScAM, Sparsholt College) with over 25 years experience in animal care and dog training.

Her background includes Veterinary Practice management, Wildlife Park management and advanced dog training (obedience, tracking, protection work) combined with dog behaviour consultations.

Jules combines her passion for dogs, cats and wildlife conservation with a keen interest in animal photography.
She is ably assisted and supported by her life partner Jane Yorke who is equally devoted to all matters of fur, fluff and feather!

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.
A no-obligation home visit and meeting can gladly be arranged.

Animal Care Services In Lyndhurst | Paws & Prints

Our Services

Dog Walking In The New Forest | Paws & Prints UK

Really great walks under my personal supervision in the beauty of our local New Forest woodland. Fun and sociable!

Puppy Training Classes Lyndhurst | Paws & Prints

Dog & Puppy Training
Behavioural Consultations

Individual, one-on-one assessments, training and behavioural consultations with your puppy or adult dog.

Dog Sitting In Lyndhurst, The New Forest | Paws & Prints

Occasionally available to regular clients only. Exclusively becoming part of our home and family while you're away.

Dog & Pet Sitters In Lyndhurst | Paws & Prints

Giving you peace of mind when you can’t be there. Care packages are tailored to the specific needs of your pet/s.

Capturing magical moments with your special furry friend. Great as gift ideas! Making memories last a lifetime.

Dog Trainer In The New Forest | Paws & Prints Lyndhurst

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