Home Visits

Offering complete peace of mind when you can't be there. Visits to your home can be arranged with care packages tailored to the specific needs of your pet/s.


Home visits can be arranged on a regular basis to co-incide with when you're not there. Services include feeding, letting out into the garden, ball-throwing, medicating if required, etc (plus lots of cuddles of course!). Some fun time outdoors, a good leg-stretch and a comfort break will be such a gift for your dog - really breaking up the time they're at home without you.
Dog Sitting In Lyndhurst | Paws & Prints

Cat Sitting In Lyndhurst | Paws & Prints


Allow your cat/s to stay in the familiar surroundings of their own home whilst you're away. This is stress free! Our services include a once-daily feeding, renewing the litter tray, medicating if required, and of course plenty of chats, playing and cuddles!
Home Visit for 1-2 dogs or cats in Burley, Lyndhurst and immediate surrounds) = £12 per housecall
(More than two pets can be cared for by arrangement)

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